San Francisco /unscripted
The TV Series on the City's Politics, Culture and Personalities
The Producers

Arthur Bruzzone

Producer and Host

Arthur Bruzzone is a well known Bay Area political media commentator, an award- winning public affairs TV producer, and talk show host.  He has written over 200 articles for national and regional media, and has appeared or commented on political, economic and environmental planning issues for American, European, and Asian television and radio.


Producer and Host, "SF/Politics"  Comcast Broadcasting:

Winner the WAVE Award, for Best Pro Talk Show Western *U.S.
Winner VISION Award, Best  Talk Show

Winner of two BACE Awards for best San Francisco Bay Area Talk Show

Producer and Host. "San Francisco BusinessWatch"   Viacom SF:

Nominated twice for national ACE Award (the cable industry's Emmy Award) for Best Public Affairs Program

WAVE Award, as Best Talk Show in the Western U.S.
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Jon Bernstein   
Comcast Producer

Jon Bernstein has been a San Francisco resident since 1974. Jon Bernstein has produced and directed local cable television programs for over twenty years.  He produced the political and public affairs programming for ComcastSF, the city station.

In addition to working with Arthur on "San Francisco/unscripted", Jon also produced the City Desk newshour, numerous election specials, and directs countless other weekly/monthly shows.  Jon and Arthur have been working together off and on since 1988, first on "San Francisco BusinessWatch", followed by "SF/Politics", and have teamed up for several of the aforementioned specials.

Jon is pretty much diametrically opposed to almost everything Arthur stands for, Jon nonetheless appreciates Arthur's passion, intellectual rigorousness, and quirky sense of humor

Jon Bernstein Awards

To numerous to list
The Program

SF/unscripted was a Comcast public affairs prime time series that ran for five years and was produced  and hosted  by Arthur Bruzzone and Jon Bernstein . View interviews at the program's YouTube home.
Arthur Bruzzone's Web Portal  LINK